It's always a good time to think about how you can work with the press, but some times are really good.


use timing to Your advantage

One key question any media outlet asks before picking up a story is, "Why are we talking about this now?" If you have a good answer to that question, it is the perfect time to begin working with us. Often, we discover our new clients have several great answers to this question that they weren't aware of. Examples of good timing for a PR campaign include:

  • A milestone (company anniversary, acquisition, round of funding)

  • A new product or service you would like to emphasize

  • An upcoming event

  • Your industry (or an industry you serve) is currently in the news


Problems we solve

In addition to time-sensitive campaigns, we often conduct campaigns for clients in order to create changes they would like to see in how their organization is perceived overall. We can almost always find a way to make a campaign timely. Here are some good reasons to engage us:

  • You feel ignored by the press--you are doing great work without getting noticed

  • You are an established player in your field, but find that you are not as well-known as you should be

  • Your outreach and marketing is not leading to business outcomes

  • Your competitors are perceived as more credible than you are


a keystone

Press coverage is most effective when your organization already has robust marketing and branding in place. Our outreach-driven approach is very powerful when combined with existing channels you have developed. 

Of course, resources are limited and every long-term marketing plan is a work in progress. We don't expect perfection or anything near it--we simply find that organizations that have been engaged to some extent in their marketing or sales get the most out of public relations. And we are prepared to help you fill in the gaps: in addition to PR, we offer, or partner with firms that offer, strategic consulting, branding, web design, graphic design, social media, digital marketing, content marketing, and advertising. 



Timing seem good to you?