When not leading our team or getting results for clients, Jason Simms publishes articles about the PR business and speaks at conferences and events.


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Jason Simms (Photo by  Ashok Sinha )

Jason Simms (Photo by Ashok Sinha)

With a strong background in performance as well as business, there's nothing I love more than connecting with audiences large and small. I specialize in helping people get excited about using qualities they already possess to overcome challenges in communications, marketing, PR, sales, and strategy. 

My approach is highly animated and interactive. There will be movement and anecdotes. Members of the audience will be challenged to think on their feet, and so will I. We will definitely laugh. Everyone will walk away with a broader perspective, and specific techniques that can be implemented right away.

How can I enliven your event or conference? How can I help galvanize your staff or members?

- Jason Simms