How will we proceed?

Every campaign—every story—is different. This is precisely why we have chosen this field. We thrive on finding new ways to exceed expectations. This is how we do it.

  • We are not limited by what seems possible.

  • We are not discouraged by setbacks; we are redirected by them.

  • We keep an open mind, and allow unexpected opportunities to emerge.

With this approach, we typically engage in the following steps.


what would a journalist do?

It's easy to find a firm that will push your story on the media. We find it's much more effective to adapt your story to the media. Our first step is to think like journalists. Members of our team have previously been staff members or contributors to major daily newspapers, magazines, online, and broadcast media. We know how these organizations operate, and can put ourselves in their shoes.

By interviewing your leaders, your employees, your customers—whoever we agree is relevant—we begin to determine which aspects of your story would be most compelling to the readers/listeners/viewers of different types of media. Along the way, we are guided by the question, "What needs do media outlets have that your story may satisfy?" The answers are often surprising and different from the messaging you use elsewhere in your marketing.

Let's make this easy for the press

In order to entice the media to tell your story, we do some of the initial legwork. With your input and feedback, we draft press materials that provide everything needed for a story, but that also invite further research and encourage outlets to create their own stories that differ in focus and scope from what we put forward.  We create or compile photos, images, video or other assets for the press to use as well.


Personalize and connect

Rather than blasting out press releases to every journalist with an inbox, we know that superior coverage results from highly personalized pitches delivered to members of the media in the form they prefer. We customize the press materials for each individual, and help them see how this story would fit into their outlet and be of interest to their audience. Through thoughtful follow ups, we continue to demonstrate how the story could unfold and why it matters.

Once a story is in progress, we coordinate with the journalists involved a way that encourages their unique take on the topic. The observations and insights of the press add depth and color to the story we had initially envisioned, or take the story in the fascinating direction we didn't think of. Learn more about the forms press coverage can take →


Maximize roi

When a story about you runs, it will reach thousands of people relevant to your organization. But why stop there? We work with your staff to make sure you get the most out of each media placement, utilizing it in your marketing and sales materials, sharing it with your networks and associations, and generally getting it in front of the people who can help you reach your goals.